aTTo Mini Voice Recorder

It’s so small that it can fit almost anywhere you think of. 24 hours battery life when fully charged, 1 hour recharging time, 286 hours maximum capacity. The recorded files can be easily listen to with any device that can play audio from a USB flash drive. Conveniently fits in any pocket or purse for easy access and portability. ONLY 1.22*1.06*0.41 inches and 0.31 ounces in weight. A 4 digit password can be added on the 4GB built-in memory so that nobody can access your secret recordings. It will automatically start recording when sound is detected and you can record in a way to avoid long hours of silent recordings, or you can choose continuous recording. All of this will be available for up to 24 hours (battery life) or until the memory is full or if you choose to you can keep it plugged to a power bank.